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What Are Zero Forex Markup Cards?

As international travel soars, savvy globetrotters can now save big with zero forex markup cards like Fi, Jupiter, and NiyoGlobal. These cards eliminate sneaky fees, providing real interbank rates and transparent transactions. Beyond cost savings, enjoy seamless global spending, additional perks like airport lounge access, and clarity in budget management. However, watch out for potential annual fees or minimum spend requirements. Choose wisely, read the fine print, and set forth on your adventures with confidence and financial savvy. Bon voyage!


NeoBank: Banking for the Millennials

With the growing workforce of millennials and young adults along with the rise of FinTech (financial technology) platforms, banking has begun to revolutionize. Thanks to Neobanking, there is a growing interest among younger people to avail banking services without the traditional banking system.


Payments Bank: Banking Services for Masses

A bank’s services is known to everybody: it accepts deposits from savers and grants loans to people and businesses. Opening a bank account can be tedious as going through the documentation process could take time. To reduce this time along with spreading and increasing the knowledge of financial services and digital payments, RBI initiated the concept of Payments Bank.