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This Stock Allows You To Invest In All Tata Companies At Once!

The Tata Group is the biggest conglomerate in India with a market capitalization above $300 Billion. It is not only the largest business house in India, but probably the one which carries the highest trust of its shareholders and customers. TATAs have built a strong history of delivering great returns to its stakeholders and buidling its empire.

Everyone wants to have a pie of the TATA business cake. If you handpick every share from each of the company under TATA Group, it’ll cost you a bomb. So, you may think, is there any way to invest in all companies at a cheaper price? The answer is YES! That one stock which trades on stock exchange and has an investment in all Tata Group companies, listed and unlisted, exists. It’s name is TATA Investment Corporation.

What is Tata Investment Corporation?

The company invests in a diverse portfolio of listed and unlisted shares of companies, including Tata enterprises, involved in a variety of activities with a track record of outstanding operating and financial success.

Tata Sons Ltd. founded Tata Investment Corporation Limited in 1937 as The Investment Corporation of India Limited. The company was privately held until 1959, when it became one of the few publicly traded investment firms on the Mumbai Stock Exchange. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, the Corporation’s operations evolved from aiding in the foundation of new companies to operating as an investment company with a diverse portfolio of interests.

TIC not only invests in Tata Group companies but has also invested in many other companies such as Reliance, HDFC, LIC and others. This makes it a stock having a diversified portfolio. The company has also invested in many debt securities. Here are more details on TIC’s holding presented in its annual report 2021-22.

Price Chart

If one believes the Tata House to be the best business group in India, they would definitely try to invest in TIC. The diversification allows it to be one of the safest assets out there, rated AAA by Crisil.

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