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Author: Ayush Bangera

  • How Do IPL Teams Earn Money?

    How Do IPL Teams Earn Money?

    Explore IPL teams’ diverse revenue sources, crucial for financial sustainability. The central revenue model, overseen by the BCCI, ensures equitable income sharing. Brand sponsorships, fan engagement through ticket sales, and prize money contribute to the financial excitement. Merchandising fosters fan loyalty and revenue. Beyond these, IPL franchises venture into diverse income streams for long-term financial…

  • What Are Zero Forex Markup Cards?

    What Are Zero Forex Markup Cards?

    As international travel soars, savvy globetrotters can now save big with zero forex markup cards like Fi, Jupiter, and NiyoGlobal. These cards eliminate sneaky fees, providing real interbank rates and transparent transactions. Beyond cost savings, enjoy seamless global spending, additional perks like airport lounge access, and clarity in budget management. However, watch out for potential…

  • What is P2P (Peer-To-Peer) Lending?

    What is P2P (Peer-To-Peer) Lending?

    Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is a new investment option in India that allows individuals and businesses to borrow and lend money directly from each other through online intermediaries. This alternative investment option offers higher returns than traditional investment options, and is recognized and regulated by the Reserve Bank of India since 2017. In this article, we…

  • This Stock Allows You To Invest In All Tata Companies At Once!

    This Stock Allows You To Invest In All Tata Companies At Once!

    The Tata Group is the biggest conglomerate in India with a market capitalization above $300 Billion. It is not only the largest business house in India, but probably the one which carries the highest trust of its shareholders and customers. TATAs have built a strong history of delivering great returns to its stakeholders and buidling…

  • The Forex Trading Trap

    The Forex Trading Trap

    In this article we read about how forex trading apps spend heavily on marketing and gather millions of people on their platform just to make them lose.

  • The Scammers of Dalal Street

    The Scammers of Dalal Street

    How often have you come across tons of screenshots stating heavy profits picked out from trading in stocks? These images have flooded the internet during the post pandemic period where everyone wanted to try their luck in markets during the lockdown phase. If you haven’t seen such profit screenshots, either you are not active on…

  • The Growing Marketplace of Used Cars

    The Growing Marketplace of Used Cars

    Customers are looking for solutions that can be delivered fast and at a cheap cost as a result of the worldwide semiconductor scarcity affecting the automotive supply chain. Secondhand car markets find a ready clientele in the post-lockdown age. To discover more about the expanding used cars market, read this article.

  • NeoBank: Banking for the Millennials

    NeoBank: Banking for the Millennials

    With the growing workforce of millennials and young adults along with the rise of FinTech (financial technology) platforms, banking has begun to revolutionize. Thanks to Neobanking, there is a growing interest among younger people to avail banking services without the traditional banking system.

  • Payments Bank: Banking Services for Masses

    Payments Bank: Banking Services for Masses

    A bank’s services is known to everybody: it accepts deposits from savers and grants loans to people and businesses. Opening a bank account can be tedious as going through the documentation process could take time. To reduce this time along with spreading and increasing the knowledge of financial services and digital payments, RBI initiated the…

  • Is India Ready For Green Energy?

    Is India Ready For Green Energy?

    India is the world’s third-largest consumer of energy. Can India, with a population of over a billion people, truly transition into a country reliant only on renewable energy? This article examines the present state of India’s energy industry and if it is truly ready to embrace green energy.

  • The Success Story of Zerodha

    The Success Story of Zerodha

    Zerodha went from being a bootstrapped startup to India’s No.1 Discount Broker. This article narrates the success story of Zerodha in a simplified way.

  • Current Education methodology and Self Introspection

    Hello friends, This is my first article for D Street Analyzer. To begin with, I would like to put forward my view on current education system and its limited applicability with respect to corporate jobs. We teachers always blame the students that they do not have a proper approach towards learning new things, but I…