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Sources of Financial Information

Gathering information is very necessary before starting research in any field. The information should not only be authentic but also unbiased. With the slightest of error, all calculations made for a future prediction would go wrong.
Based on what I have found to be authentic and reliable, here are few websites that I would recommend to my readers. These references would help you during your personal financial planning.

Sources for Fundamental Data

  1. BSE/NSE Website
    This is the most authentic source to get company annual report and financial results. All the company are required to submit their quarterly and annual reports to the stock exchange where they are listed, hence you would get the financial reports of any listed company in India. Since these reports are raw, a beginner would find it very difficult to figure out from where to start. Annual reports are quite complex to analyse at beginner stage.
    Annual Report of HDFC Bank: BSE / NSE
    This website is my personal favourite as it provides filtered data from annual reports. Screener is used particularly for fundamental research and analysis. It gives you the option to filter companies based on parameters such as market capitalization, P.E ratio, ROCE, ROE, etc. You can make a watchlist of your companies and track their updates submitted to the stock exchange. Screener provides you with data such as Quarterly results, P/L statement, Balance Sheet, Peer Comparison and Cash Flow Statement. You can also download this data into an Excel sheet and use it for your personal reference.
  3. Trendlyne
    This website offers you annual reports from companies and also provides you with brokerage reports. Other factors such as community polls, swot analysis and leading indicators make Trendlyne suitable for personal research and analysis.

Sources for Technical Data

  1. TradingView
    By far the most widely used website for technical analysis, TradingView has users across the world. It offers a community for traders where users share their ideas with other users. The charts of TradingView are used by many brokers (for eg. Zerodha). This website offers historical data, many varieties or tools and indicators. You can also share your idea across social media using TradingView. Due to its advanced features, TradingView may seem a bit difficult to use for a beginner.
  2. Chartink
    The right start for a beginner, Chartink offers easy-to-use interface. It enables the user to create a screener based on technical indicators. This website has only two types of charts: Candlestick and Point and Figure. You can also browse through screens created by other users.

Multi-purpose Websites

  1. Moneycontrol

Who doesn’t know this website! Right from finance to non finance background people it is used by all. It is the largest financial online platform in India with over 17 million visitors every month. It offers the perfect combination of technical and fundamental data along with community polls and feedback which is ideal for beginners.

  1. Economic Times
    ET is well known for its daily newpaper publication. It is beneficial for getting daily updates in financial markets which may affect your financial decisions.
  2. is the Indian portal of its American Parent It offers financial news and data along with technical outlook.

These are some websites that I use on almost daily basis and would recommend my readers to go through which might help them in making their financial decisions and picking up the right stock.

Disclaimer : Considering other factors too, all the above mentioned websites may or may not provide you unbiased opinion to the results you get.

Authenticity of the sites must be checked before using themand making investment decisions.

However before making any Investment decisions it is advisable to have a opinion from your Financial advisor.

Thank You for reading!

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