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How Do IPL Teams Earn Money?

Explore IPL teams’ diverse revenue sources, crucial for financial sustainability. The central revenue model, overseen by the BCCI, ensures equitable income sharing. Brand sponsorships, fan engagement through ticket sales, and prize money contribute to the financial excitement. Merchandising fosters fan loyalty and revenue. Beyond these, IPL franchises venture into diverse income streams for long-term financial stability and success in the league.

Used Cars

The Growing Marketplace of Used Cars

Customers are looking for solutions that can be delivered fast and at a cheap cost as a result of the worldwide semiconductor scarcity affecting the automotive supply chain. Secondhand car markets find a ready clientele in the post-lockdown age. To discover more about the expanding used cars market, read this article.


Is India Ready For Green Energy?

India is the world’s third-largest consumer of energy. Can India, with a population of over a billion people, truly transition into a country reliant only on renewable energy? This article examines the present state of India’s energy industry and if it is truly ready to embrace green energy.


The Success Story of Zerodha

Zerodha went from being a bootstrapped startup to India’s No.1 Discount Broker. This article narrates the success story of Zerodha in a simplified way.