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  • Short Selling

    Short Selling

    The two simplest trading/investment strategies are: Buying Long and Short Selling Buying long is simple, you buy shares and expect the price to go up in a day(while trading) or over a period of time (for investments). But, people often tend to get confused with the concept for Short Selling (or Short). This is because,…

  • How do Stocks give you returns?

    How do Stocks give you returns?

    Everyone who enters into the stock market comes with only one motive in mind: To earn a decent amount of income/returns that is above normal bank returns. Some want to make quick money while some want to be patient and see their money grow over a period of time. As a beginner, one would be…

  • The Art of Pump and Dump

    The Art of Pump and Dump

    Ever realised when you see a stock, which is not showing any volatility, then suddenly sees a boom in the price over a short period of time. The stock touches its peak rapidly and falls with the same speed. It is not possible for retail investors to create such to hypes. But a group of…

  • 3 Basic Points to Look Out for Passive Traders while Trading

    3 Basic Points to Look Out for Passive Traders while Trading

    Passive traders are those traders who do not follow-up with charts daily or for a couple of days. They might be students or working professionals with non-finance jobs. Keeping an eye on the price movement of stocks takes a good amount of time. Swing trading can be easily done with mostly positive results if a…

  • Weekly Stock Picks #1

    Here is the list of my 5 stocks for weekly trading.Disclaimer: I can just give an overview of stocks based on charts and trends supported by local news. As I am still learning a lot of new aspects in trading and investing, hence please don’t completely rely on these picks. However, if you like my…