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  • At The Age Of 20, Where Should I Invest ₹10,000?

    At The Age Of 20, Where Should I Invest ₹10,000?

    Investing has its own risks. For a beginner, one might look at the stock markets in search of better returns. Going for 100% equity stocks would be okay. However, you can reduce your risk by investing in a disciplined manner. What is the Disciplined Way of Investing? This means that you have planned in what…

  • 7 Income Generating Assets

    7 Income Generating Assets

    Assets are the resources that have economic value attached to them. Personal assets include houses, automobiles, jewellery, antiques and many other things with monetary value. Some assets grow in value and some generate regular income. Here are 7 regular income generating assets: 1) Real EstateThe most traditional asset for generating regular income. Get a piece…