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Education System & Employment-An Imbalanced Equation…(The Action Plan)

My Dear Students,

In the last article, I scared you enough with the challenges waiting for you all in the near future. But as mentioned earlier, every problem has a solution.

Now let’s look at the implementable action plan so as to bridge the gap between Academics & Corporate expectations.

  1. Keep your fundamentals clear, it’s a proven fact that one with strong fundamentals can fight any battle.
  2. Do lot of reading; may be Reference Books, Videos, Business Newspapers for staying in touch with latest changes in the field of Finance & Technology.
  3. Pursue some course on AI, ML, Data science. Don’t carry a mind-block that “How a finance student can learn these things?” Remember, if you have the attitude to learn, you can learn.
  4. Keep asking relevant questions to your teachers on the latest developments in the field of finance.
  5. Analyze Annual Reports of the companies, prepare Equity Research reports on various companies and discuss with your faculties. Try to learn interpretation of various ratios in finance.
  6. Work on your communication skills, you are expected to communicate in basic English besides the local languages. Reading English newspapers, reading English novels, watching 7+ English movies, listening to Cricket commentary are few habits which can improve your language to some extent. The most important this is to have intent to learn.
  7. Have positive approach and inclination to learn upcoming technology.
  8. Move out of your classrooms, and work as interns with any company/firm. In today’s scenario, try for online internships. Approach on your own and request the corporates to train you without paying for any remuneration. This is difficult, but NOT impossible. Practical work experience is always helpful in the long run.
  9. Do attend Seminars, Conferences, Webinars. Out there, you will get to learn something different and you will get an opportunity to develop network with industry professionals.
  10. Create your professional LinkedIn profile and try to connect with people from industry.
  11. And lastly the most important one, interact with people from corporate world and try to understand the gap between academics and corporate realities.

For eg.: Try and understand how cost sheet is prepared in the corporate Vs. how you prepare it in your academics.

The abovementioned points are not exhaustive, but it will definitely help you in adding value to your profile. Please remember it’s your responsibility to add value to your profile, no one else is going to do it for you.

I would like to close this with a famous quote which my professor had told me “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value; Value addition is the key to success”

So, Get Set Corporate & achieve your goals. All the best.

Thanks & Regards,

CMA Sarvottam Rege
M.Com., FCMA (India), CMA-USA

Mentor, Corporate Consultant & Academician with Industry Oriented Approach
CMA Membership No.: 19018 (India), 7110039 (USA)

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  1. The view mentioned above are Author’s personal views and has no connection with the institutions he is associated with.
  2. The author has 22 years of Industry experience & 11 years of Teaching experience.

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