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Author: Niraj Mohite

  • Risks Of Cryptocurrencies

    Risks Of Cryptocurrencies

    INTRODUCTION: Ever thought about investing in cryptocurrency after listening to news like “Bitcoin is the future”, “Cryptocurrency is the next big thing!”? I’d ask you all to go through this article before trying your hands out in crypto.  Y’all might want to know all the risks associated before giving it a thought to invest. So,…



    ABSTRACT Ever thought about making so much money you don’t know what to do with? From being a middle-class man to owning the most expensive real estate in the world – Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker of Wall Street had a rollercoaster ride during his stockbroking career. Money, luxury, friends, drugs, women, cops, you name it…

  • The Big Short – Film Review and Analysis

    The Big Short – Film Review and Analysis

    Abstract What happens when you bet against a rising market? You either win hard or lose big!The Big Short is a movie based on the book: The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine by Michael Lewis. The movie states how the rising housing market which was considered to be rock solid by many investors, turned…

  • All about The Tata Group

    All about The Tata Group

    Introduction In our daily lives, we knowingly or unknowingly use Tata products and services. Lets get to know a little about what went in to the making this group one of the biggest multinational conglomerate in India. The Tata Group was founded by Jametsji Tata in 1868, which makes it one of the oldest industrial…