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About B.Com(Financial Markets), M.L. Dahanukar College of Commerce

Student Testimonials from BFM Batch
M.L. Dahanukar College of Commerce

My 3 years experience with MLDC BFM was very fruitful. Various out of curriculum initiatives such as GET SET CORPORATE, Soft Skills training, Lectures by industry experts etc. taken by the department with the objective of building the gap between books and real corporate world really helped a lot in not only cracking interviews but get ready for the challenges one has to face in day today business.

Saharsh Bharadwaj
BFM 2018 Batch
Working with TCS in F&A

Choosing BFM course at MLDC was one of my best decision because it helped me built a strong foundation for my ahead career. The best part of my experience at MLDC was the flexibility and freedom to work on multiple projects and one of my exciting projects was to start the Finance club in MLDC for all the courses to learn the basics of smart investment from an early age. BFM definitely helped me and my peers’ open doors to the best international universities.

Angelica Vaz
BFM batch 2018
Working as an International Sales manager in a French Tech Company

The BFM stream opens up a new world of possibilities for students interested in learning about investing and pursuing a career in investment advisory. Faculty members encourage students to try new things and improve their self-esteem. The subjects presented are extremely practical and will benefit students in the long run of their careers.

Ayush Bangera
BFM Batch 2021
Editor and Content-writer,

Lot of things to learn and lot of growth opportunities. Very motivating and supporting faculty. Encouraging new activities and keeping students engaged. Glad to be a part of MLDCC BFM.

Sharnita Salunkhe
BFM Batch 2020
Working with TCS

Having done my bachelor’s in financial markets with the knowledge received about markets is irreplaceable and put to a test right out of college during the 2020 crisis. Except for the bookish knowledge that we received, the practical knowledge received in MLDC while undergrad has been extremely helpful during all the little or less corporate experience I have had. (Especially the interviews and job selection). I will always be extremely grateful to everybody who has been a part of this journey.

Shriya Naik,
BFM Batch 2019
Working with Delloite India as a Tax Executive

It was a cognitive journey for me as i came across best faculties in their respective expertise. As a teacher and a person they had a lot to offer to us apart from just our syllabus. I feel grateful that i was one of the students to learn many things from such teachers.

Niyukti Gorate,
BFM 2020 Batch
Working with TCS

I am very grateful to all the faculty in MLDC for making my basics and fundamentals strong. The knowledge I got from the faculty has helped me immensely while preparing for CFA and FRM exams. It also helped me start my investing and trading journey at a very young age. The professors were very passionate about their subjects, which helped to make the learning even more fun.

Sahil Khanolkar,
BFM 2020 Batch,
Pursuing CFA & FRM (level I cleared for both)

BFM has been life changing experience. From being clueless about what is these CNBC and ZEE BUSINESS channel to eagerly watching all them is what BFM taught me. More to it I learned about markets and how really business finances works, all the research and activities which was conducted taught me from co-ordinating with team to managing audience. All the faculties have been very helpful in shaping our minds and encouraging us to do new things. I am really grateful to be part of MLDC BFM.

Srushti Sawant,
BFM 2021 Batch,
Preparing for entrances for MMS,
Part Time Teacher in Coaching Classes

I am thankful to all the faculty members of the College for their continuous efforts and support. Apart from excellent academic experience, I also gained the benefits of being a part of Mock Stock Team and Finance Club. I cherish every moment spent at MLDC. My graduation at MLDC has been a very interesting and awesome journey.

Deeksha Shetty,
BFM 2018 Batch,
Working at Deloitte

My experience with MLDC BFM was the most wonderful one. It helped me in my growth not just in academics but as an overall person. It helped me build my confidence and exposed me to variety of opportunities. Surely all these learnings from MLDC BFM will help me in future.

Noopur Naik,
BFM 2021 Batch,
Currently Working as an Intern & Blogger

My 3 years with MLDC BFM have been very engaging as well as enriching. I really liked the practical and corporate approach of all our faculties towards our academic program. With various seminars, webinars, in-class value adding activities, field trips and a few ups and downs, all of these experiences have indeed shaped me into a better person, both personally and professionally. I feel very grateful to have been a part of MLDC BFM and will cherish all these memories with me in the years to come.

Bhagyashree Raut,
BFM 2021 Batch,
Will pursue Master’s in Finance from Ireland in September this year

BFM is classic option for young stock market enthusiasts to start their journey. On that MLDC provide positive space to learn basics. It has studious environment and institution spark the fire in you to be always updated about the market. You’ll get theoretical as well as practical knowledge here.

Kedar Sakpal,
BFM 2018 Batch,
Pursuing PGDM from GIBS Bangalore

Character and intelligence are the two major qualities MLDC’s BFM helped me enhance during my time at this esteemed institute. The teaching faculty are very knowledgeable and contribute a fair bit towards the students in achieving their professional goals. The students also help in creating a healthy yet competitive environment in the classrooms which pushes each individuals to their best. Summing it up, MLDC’s BFM nurtures and develops students not only in a professional manner but also helps them in becoming good human beings. My best regards to everyone who is part of this respected institution.

Aditya Ganpule,
BFM 2019 Batch,
Pursuing Masters in International Management, Northeastern University

The key learning which I have acclimate throughout my journey in Bachelors of Financial Market is to be patient,calm and hopeful. My public speaking confidence has increased crucially as the result of the presentations during my time at MLDC BFM. Key learning: Discipline yourself to the stocks as long as the fundamental story of the company hasn’t changed.

Akshata Desai,
2018 Batch,
Legal & Accounts Department

It was indeed a great experience pursuing BFM from MLDC. Pursuing BFM has turned out to be a perfect choice for me as it prepped me for a career in the field of Investment management. Professors were quite approachable which made the lectures interactive, fun and educational. Theoretical concepts were well complemented by the practical knowledge shared by the professors who were either working or had previously worked with leading financial companies, thereby helping us in practical applications of such concepts.

Amit Anchan,
2017 Batch,
Working as Investment Analyst – Wealth Management at BOB Capital Markets Ltd.,
Pursuing CFA (cleared level I)

I would be happy to say choosing MLDC BFM as a graduation course after my 12th grade was one of my finest decision. MLDC BFM has always tried their best to fill that unfortunate GAP between bunch of bookish theories And Corporate world. I can proudly say that those 3 years with MLDC BFM have been helping me a lot while working as a professional and also while taking a wise decision regards to my Investments. I would highly recommend students to join MLDC BFM who wants to pursue their career in financial services in my knowledge. Best wishes to MLDC BFM!!!

Rahul Pandey,
BFM 2018 Batch,
Working as a Senior Process Associate in TCS Ltd.

BFM Faculty gave me numerous opportunities which helped me in building my confidence and presentation skills. Some of the teachers believed in my capability so much that they gave me an opportunity to teach my fellow classmates. Also, BFM stream helped me in creating a strong foundation for my future in financial markets.

Nirmitee Kalgutkar,
BFM 2018 Batch,
Working in the Valuations Departments of SS&C GlobeOp.

The concepts have been taught thoroughly & in an engaging way. The environment is extremely disciplined in classroom. The professors lay a great emphasis on being familiar with the market developments along with the fundamentals. One can largely benefit from the classroom lectures besides Industrial Visits & seminars held by the department.

Shubham Bhatkhande,
BFM 2020 Batch,
Pursuing MBA from Christ University Bangalore

MLDC opened doors for me back in 2018 when I opted for Bachelors in Financial Markets (BFM). Strangely, BFM has explored my hidden talents in different ways. I never knew content creation would be my forte, but now it has become one. BFM enables you to find the best out of your capabilities personally as well as academically. And the cherry on the cake was the subjects being taught by industry faculties. A perfect mixture of academics and corporate insights! Also, don’t forget to participate in classroom activities. This is where you meet subjects practically.

Aditi Bhanshe,
BFM 2021 Batch,
Currently Working as a Freelancer Content Writer

MLDC BFM plays a very crucial role in my growth as an individual and in all the professional skills that I’ve imbibed over these 3 years. Everyday was a new experience and we gained a lot of knowledge and real-time experience from this course.

Samruddhi Zende,
BFM 2021 Batch,

BFM at MLDC is focused towards an all round learning with adequate exposure to practical and industry orientated learning. Extremely dedicated teachers and ample of co-curricular activities and workshops make studying here an absolute joy. It has been a wonderful three years for me at this prestigious institution.

Ameeta Lawale,
BFM 2020 batch,
Studying for CFA Level 1

Like most students, it was at MLDC where I had first learned about stock markets. BFM has long been seen as a course for those students who have been denied admissions in other streams. Faculties at MLDC, BFM have truly worked tirelessly and changed that perception. From hands-on class activities and keeping students up to date on market events, to viewing the Live Budget every year and now working on a full-fledged blog like Dstreetanalyser, students are being shaped to become industry ready professionals.

Mikhail Gonsalves,
2019 BFM Batch,
Co-founder at Finomenal

During my whole journey of BFM, we have done many activities and competitions like Stockathon, DSIJ Stock Market Challenge and even organized a 2-day workshop on investor awareness called as “Investor Expo” in which different types of investment were discussed. Regular discussion of news, recent developments in Indian and Global markets as well as on economy has broaden our knowledge base.

Chintan Gada,
BFM 2021 Batch,
Preparing for CFA Level 1 Exam

Being a part of MLDC BFM was like a roller coaster ride I never really thought of doing BFM before coming to MLDC. I not only learned different aspects of Marketing and Finance with all the academic and practical activities performed in the class, it also give me the confidence to talk in front of people with the all presentations we were supposed to do. MLDC BFM brought best out of and give me the best I could ask for.

Preshita Kabre,
BFM 2021 Batch,
Working in industry

MLDC BFM was one of the best things that happened to me in the past few years. Out of all the things that I was taught there, I learnt that patience, understanding and consistency, while required to invest in any market are also required in real life. With constant support of the entire college staff (teaching and non teaching) I was able to perform to the best of my abilities, both academically and culturally. If it wasn’t for them, who took pride in my every performance and win, I don’t think I would be able to balance out studying and dancing, simultaneously. MLDC BFM was a “short term investment” with “life time returns”

BFM 2020 Batch,
Currently freelance Dancing and Researching

The BFM Department of ML Dahanukar college is an institution in itself. I remember my first day in college I was super intimidated by the world of finance and was skeptical about my decision. Over a person of time, the faculty members with their rich knowledge and experience in the field of finance not only made me comfortable with the subject but helped me enjoy it thoroughly. The college has not only helped me academically but it has also helped me strengthen my core values. Time and again the faculty members constantly emphasized on the importance of having right set of moral principles in life. The college has not only contributed in students being a better professional but also a better person.

Bhargavi Lakhe,
BFM 2021 Batch

Coming from a Science Background, I was totally unaware of how the commerce industry works. Over the course of 3 years that I was with MLDC BFM, I have gained so much insights into the industry, thanks to the amazing faculty out there. MLDC BFM provides students with a lot of opportunities to dwell in the industry by providing real time experience through various activities. Not a single month passed by where in I wasn’t involved in something..There’s “beat the street” challenge to learn and get expertise in Stock market, there’s a “Wings2Vision” where I can show their entrepreneurship skills…And to top it all..There’s a finance club which keeps you updated with all the latest global financial news..My experience was exemplary and I wish I could go back to those days.

Aansh Arora,
BFM 2019 Batch,
Pursuing Post Graduation Abroad

My name is Tanushka Amin. My year of passing is 2017. I am currently working as an Assistant Manager in Motilal Oswal financial services. My experience in MLDC BFM has been wonderful. The faculties are very helpful and they make sure that all the subjects are taught in a pratical manner for better understanding of the subjects. The campus placement are also from well known companies, which will help you to build your career.

Tanushka Amin,
BFM 2017 Batch,
Currently Working with Motilal Oswal

I was privileged to be a part of BFM at M. L. Dahanukar college from 2018 – 2020. My three years of graduation were most enriching in terms of excellent guidance by all the faculty members, blended with a plethora of opportunities for co- and extra-curricular activities. Since most of the faculty members have corporate experience, it makes a difference in shaping up the conduct of the programs. This helped me with qualities like confidence, independent thinking and multitasking.

Vishwesh Dubhashi,
BFM 2021 Batch,
Currently Doing an Internship at Conscript HR Advisors

The three year journey with MLDC BFM has been a great one due to the immense support given by all the faculty members of BFM as well as the non teaching staff. MLDC BFM really helped me in building a strong foundation for my Masters Degree. Most importantly our professors have always been a great guide to us no matter the situation and made sure everyone excelled at their work.

Ms Priyanka Salunkhe,
BFM 2019 Batch,
Completed MMS-Masters in Management Studies